12 days of Indies Countdown 12

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Indiemas, or is it Christmas?

This year I am taking part in a 12 Days of Indies countdown until Christmas. How this works is each day until Christmas eve, Each day, I will choose one book from the list to purchase and encourage you to do the same. Then share the one you chose and invite your friends and followers to also join the fun and purchase a book.

2020 was a terrible year for all of us. However, we met new people and discovered ways to market our books without signings and live in-person events. Let’s close 2020 off with a good note, and share some great books with each other.

What will be your favorite?

Roulette of Rhymes

Roulette of Rhymes

Roulette of Rhymes

Genre: Poetry
Tag: Poetry
ASIN: B071463391
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About the Book

As humans, life is an invitation to experience a variety of emotions. Poetry is a way to express those emotions, no matter how varying they are. Roulette of Rhymes is my tribute to the variety of feelings found within us. Life need not make sense or be planned, it only needs to be experienced and occasionally expressed.

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Pick One

So the point of the challenge is to pick at least one book each day

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