12 Days of Indies- Day 8

On the 8th day of the Indies, mystery gave to me, a thriller from Summersville County

Welcome back to my annual 12 days of Indies, where I share some of the top indie books available. For those who are new to this fun event, the deal is that each day I will share a new list of books that are on sale from now through December 24th. Each day, I will choose one book from the list to purchase and encourage you to do the same. Then share the one you chose and invite your friends and followers to also join the fun and purchase a book. 

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Now, let’s see what exciting choices lie before us this fine day!

Day 8

If you enjoy Mystery thrillers, this one is available for $2.99

Fans of high fantasy will definitely appreciate this $2.99 deal. 

 this YA thriller is available for only $1.99

Fans of Christian paranormal horror won’t want to miss this 99¢

 Pick One

It seems to be even harder to choose today. However, I like a good crime novel. and can’t pass up Bobby Nash’s In The Wind today.

Which one did you choose? Let us know in the comments below or share the post and your pick with #12DaysofIndies

See you all tomorrow.


Other Authors to enjoy
for the #12DaysofIndiesHeidi AngellLeslie Conzatti

JB Richard’s

Maria Vermisoglou

Shane Wilson

J.D. Estrada


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  1. I was torn between In the Wind and Windward. Ended up going with the nostalgic dragon fantasy! But I know I’ll end up getting In the Wind later. I always do with these events! Lol

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