4th Annual Brain To Books Cyber Convention & Book Expo

This year marks the 4th Annual Brain To Books Cyber Convention & Book Expo, and is my second year. Although I am still a rookie to how it all works, I feel like I have known my fellow authors that participate for decades. For three action packed, and event filled days the authors of B2BCycon are my family. There are so many people to meet, so many events, and so many things to do, I feel if I walk away from my desk, I will miss a huge part of the event. That is what B2BCycon is all about, authors coming together sharing their work, and experience as Indie Authors, and the roads less traveled by, with readers of all kinds world wide.

Many of my fellow authors, and new acquaintances, have asked what B2B CYCON really is. Well the only way to explain it, is by visiting the Brain to Books website and sharing this quote.

CyCon is a virtual version of the San Diego Comic Con, but our theme is books. We organize a number of events, celebrating every genre, reader, and undiscovered author out there, and we host dozens of events all crammed into three days. To experience CyCon is a lot like attending a State Fair, only CyCon is 100% online. There is simply so much to do that it’s impossible to do it all in one day and there is something for everyone.


Another question that is asked from my readers, family and friends. What is the mission of CYCON? I cannot find any other answer to share than that of the wonderful person that created B2B CYCON Angela B. Chrysler


For three days, Brain to Books shines the spotlight on authors not seen in bookstores as a means to welcome in the new season of book releases. Working to increase reader awareness of these hidden treasures, authors, publishers, and retailers are coming together world wide for the largest book event designed just for you, the book lover! We’re giving away books, presenting readers with never-seen-before content, and featuring the world’s largest collection of undiscovered talent available today. We have blog hops, panels, discussions, contests, games, prizes, story time, book readings, sales, and exclusive content only available for these three days. This is content you won’t find anywhere else!

So what can you do to help, or participate in the largest online Book event in the country? Well depending on who you are; the reader, an author, or someone that loves books, and story telling, and you just want to help our convention succeed into the next realm, and beyond the clouds. Below are some helpful links that I feel will help you out no matter who you are. we will see you in April.

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