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My guest post this week is Anais Chartschenko, a Canadian poet, musician, and singer. She has recently published her new book The Liminal Hymns.

Anais, has become a close friend in the writing world, and you will see her in the dedication of my upcoming book of poetry Shattered Glass. I am honored to have her on my blog, and help support her new release.

Here is a little snippet about Anais, her new book, and where you can find her other beautiful works.

The Liminal Hymns:

The Liminal Hymns sing the story of moments between, leaving certainties to embrace doubt. Liminal spaces are explored through examinations of mythology, philosophy, and religion. With sardonic shots of whiskey and wit, this collection delves into the sensory and psychological kaleidoscope of the human condition.

Anaïs Chartschenko hails from the Canadian wilderness. She has come to enjoy such modern things as electric tea kettles. Her published works include:

Bright Needles,The Whisper Collector

The Weightless One,Perfect Break and

The Liminal Hymns


Excerpt from The Liminal Hymns:




Sympathy is not settling

Although settling can be

Fine, fine in the finest sense

Of the word, grand or okay,


Stretching over canvas, the

Exchange over wine, one

Kiss can lead to another or

Raised eyebrows-what were

We thinking, we should just

Be friends, fine? Fine.

Sifting through pictures, one

Can settle on an age, consider

Were you happy then or was

Happiness a veil over a tearful

Bride, tearful for reasons she

Cannot define. Definitions can

Be tricky and according to the

Dictionary change over



Not Just Jacob


Do you forgive me?

I spent so much time

In anger back then

That I couldn’t

Appreciate your


I wanted to dole

Out my own old

Testament fire

Burn the bridges

To the rivers

That half drowned

Me baptized in

Words and deeds

By those who

Would point the finger

At the sinner who

Was me

But over the years

I watched the

Smoke blossom

Into memories

That rolled along

With the clouds

Till I could be

Left alone in

My misery. In

The sun I was

Something else

I wrestled with

My shadow until

The day had passed

And at last

I decided to be

Done with them

Their words

Their deeds



But me,

Swinging at

Shadow and

Sometimes hitting


That was all me

And I’m sorry



Last Inhibition


Show me the hall of the

Weary, trudging toward

A place to hang their hats

Show me a velvet cross

Road, with gravel cast

Grass back. Deliver me

Your observation, infuse

It with honey and wine

Bring me to the alter of

Discovery and I promise

I will uncover mine. A

Slender blade of hope

Shivering on a vein, give

Me your voice rasped

Against the edges of

Consciousness, sing me

Past the powerless lines

Memories can move in

All directions, can trip

Like a wire to explode,

Give me your tip toed

Curiosity with delicate

Incision. I will peel back

My cloak for your close

Inspection, if you ask

I will say yes


Mason Jar

Is it so bad

If we do this

Things could

Rot but still

They could if

We don’t just

Look at the

Pantry, there

He sat saying

We can’t touch

The jars for nothing

Not until the trumpet

Sounds the end of the

World the end of our

Hearts dug out of our

Chests that’s a weird

Time to save canned food

For, but anyways, alarm

Clocks, bunkers, one burner

Stoves, they all recall things

Can be planned for even if

The thing is a mythical fear

And the only thing that comes

Of it is fifty years of vinegar

Brine down at the dump


We could do this

Lean in to water

Then wine

Find ourselves in each other

Or at the least

Have a good time



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