Happy New Year.

My Final newsletter of 2018, has arrived. I want to wish all of my supporters, and subscribers a happy new year, and well wishes in 2019. So what are we seeing in 2019!! that is right, my goal is by the end of the year to finish both Shattered Glass, and Gemini Project.

I have mainstreamed both Shattered Glass, and Gemini Project on my Patreon. You can join me as I write the books, and get exclusive material, even copies of the books upon publication. Visit my Patreon to send me a cup of coffee, or maybe even join my underground research team, Mockingbird Alliance. I can’t wait to see you stop in and become part of my writing process.

Work in Progress.
I am currently working on four works in progress.
The Rookie An Alec Dixon Short.
Gemini Project
Immortal Hunter
Shattered Glass

The Rookie is a Crime Fiction Novella Series, book one of a three book saga. Alec Dixon, attempts to solve his first murder as a rookie detective.

Gemini Project, is a Historical Fiction Espionage novel, about a soldier that returns from the war to avenge his wife’s death. Killed in the World Trade Center attacks. Did the Pakistani ISI know the involvement of the CIA?

Immortal Hunter, a half vampire, half Human becomes the most lethal vampire hunter. she must hunt down her own father, Ambrogio. The original vampire created by Apollo the Sun God, and his sister Artemis.

Shattered Glass, my masterpiece. A book of poetry of darkness, demons, depression, hate, and fear. Dedicated to friends I have lost to drug overdoses, and suicide, Shattered Glass is deep, and will make the hair stand on the back of your neck.

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Immortal Hunter, did I go Vampire……..

That is correct, alongside my poetry, novellas, and other ventures, I have decided to write a short story series, available only on Patreon, called Immortal Hunter, a Vampire hunter tasked with hunting down the original vampire, her father created by Apollo the sun god. Ambrogio the first vampire in 1600 has terrorized the world long enough, and the gods create a damphyr made to be a hunter. Read more on my Patreon.

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