Healing With Art

Posted by Richard White/@shotgunborivers
Healing with Art by Corrisa Zimmer

In my search to heal with writing, I went on a virtual voyage to seek out others in the PTSD community, and I have to say I have met some wonderful people, even some that have many similarities as me. Today I present an interview with a young woman Corrissa from Alberta, Canada.  She is 25 yrs old, and suffers from extreme dissociation, PTSD, Major depression, and borderline personality disorder. She does not understand a lot of the things she is dealing with, and much of it like many people she has blocked out much of the trauma, however, like me, she also does not take medication, and uses art, and drawing as her healing.

Corrisa Tell us about your drawing and what it does for your healing process, and tell us what other things you use to cope with the everyday stressors with your diagnosis.

I spend a lot of my time drawing; it is a way for me to have emotions… I was constantly told by my family that I was a problem, I am to sensitive, and because I’m too emotional, I stress my mother out.. it is the one thing that people noticed for any talent I had… when I am drawing I express what I feel , and it doesn’t hurt anyone or make me feel like I am to sensitive… I am not telling anyone the secrets or emotions, but can express them in a way, that I understand, even if I was the only one that knows what my drawings really mean.

I felt relief that I could get the feelings out even if no one noticed, I at least felt less trapped and less alone. It stopped me from taking out my abuse on my peers, and helped me sort through the feelings while distracting myself. It’s a way for me to release that anger, and dissociation feeling… like I said my thoughts and emotions weren’t allowed, so I had them shoved back, and bottled up inside of me. if I draw what I am feeling, for some reason that is ok, because at that moment in time, I am not talking to anyone, but for me I was releasing everything that I felt inside?


I also use a few other things to cope, and fight the stress and anxiety; I love Breathing or meditation, submerging myself in nature, and music.

I listen to music; in fact, I listen to almost anything. I usually start with a song that is talking about what I am dealing with, like a sad meaningful song. Take for instance, Numb- Linkin park, that one song almost tells my story just with a few things missing. Once I am able to express that emotion, I listen to something that can help me feel I try listening to something empowering like only hope by Mandy Moore. To help encourage me, so I do not continue to feel like a living hell at that specific moment.


Nature, is my escape, like you Ritchie, I can’t stand being in a crowded room, and I can’t stand the silence either, so I escape to nature. The birds, the sounds, trees, and wind, it is another way for me to release things, and helps me clear my mind. Even when its quiet in nature, if you listen right, you can still hear a song, its nature’s song.

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