In Memory

Written by Richard White @RWhiteAuthor

When I first began Shattered Glass, it was just me writing down my thoughts. It was a testament of my navigation through my depression and anxiety. To find a way to fight through the sleepless nights, and bite down on the anger, rage and fear in which I combat on a daily basis.

Over the course of the past couple of years my high school class and surrounding classes have lost some fellow students to drug addiction, and depression. When we lost one student in particular, shortly after our 20th reunion, it was then I realized I am not the only one that struggles like I do. Coming closer, and rekindling relationships with some of my fellow classmates awakened me a bit. Those friendships made me choose to dedicate Shattered Glass in the memory of those we have lost. I am unable to name a few of them by request, but we will always think of them, when we share Shattered Glass.

One person I dedicated the book to is Jordan Bemis, he was a kind soul, always full of insurmountable energy, and just an all around good guy. He will be sadly missed by us all. While reaching out to his family, and speaking with his little sister. I learned that Jordan, was also an author. I wanted to share his book with you. As it is only just a part of his legacy here on earth.  Check out his children’s book Henry the Frog here.



Here is the In-Memory inscription from Shattered Glass.

In Memory

Sometimes we find a path in our lives that is just not what we had in mind. Many of us including myself went down this path, some have survived, some are barely surviving, and some never made it into the clearing. Those of us that survived, wonder why we couldn’t or didn’t reach the ones that didn’t make it out of the turmoil, and lost their lives because of it. This is my testament to that darkness that I face every day. The time from my past that at one point was so dark, no one could reach me. I found my way out with a broken compass, and a map with no lines or highways.

This book of poetry is in memory of those we have lost from high school, so many taken from us way to soon, because they lost their battle with drugs, and depression. They couldn’t find the good in life, and chose a way out, that we survivors will never truly understand.

In particular Shattered glass is in memorial of Jordan Bemis. He had such a gentle soul, and was a remarkable man, yet the demons overcame him, and he lost his battle with addiction. We miss him every day, and the more fellow students we lose from Mill River Union High School, the more we miss him, and the many others that we have lost.

It is my hope, that reading this book you find something in it that will help you find the good in life, and proceed to do battle with these demons, as I do.

Rekindling friendships from my class has been the best thing that I could ever do. This book is for them; Class of 98, thank you for being my friend.


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