OWS Cycon 2019

Holy smokes has it been a year already? So many changes, and so many things are still the same, but where do I begin?

This is my favorite time of year, Because it is CYCON. This year it has changed in so many ways, from being Brain to Books, to OWS(Our Write Side)

We have a bunch of new staff, and some have been here from the beginning. This year we are working with about 200 indie authors to share their stories with readers around the world.

This years role has overwhelmed me in many ways, but I love it all the same. Being a genre manager, a Website officer to help build and design the website, to just being an author promoting my new release Shattered Glass, and my other work as well.

So a little bit about Shattered Glass, it is my newest release, and my favorite so far. A book of poetry about the darkest of times in my life. Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD to name a few of the things the poetry talks about. However there is a whole lot more topics in the book. You can pick up Shattered Glass via eBook, or Paperback on Amazon, or buy an autographed copy from me. If you decide that you want a swag bag, that comes with an autographed copy, a compass with a snippet of poetry inside, a Warr;or Bracelet and bookmark. I have that on sale as well, in which I donate 2.00 from each same to a mental health organization to help those in need.

What am I up too? Well besides my normal day job, Mowing lawns I am working on some more works of progress, from Gemini Project (Espionage) to The Alec Dixon crime novels, and helping my wife via ghostwriting The Immortal hunter series. so yeah, I have a lot more books coming in the future.

To check out all of the events on CyCon, visit the site and read about other authors in your favorite genres.


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