Participating in OWS CyCon 2019

Written by Richard White ~ @RWhiteAuthor

For the past three years, I have been a part of an online Cyber convention, to grow my newsletter list, gain sales of my books, meet new contacts, and gain a relationship with my readers. In 2019 that ended because of unfortunate events. However, many of the authors, and writers felt we are like a family, and were blessed to become part of other events similar to Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

I am proud to announce that I have become part of a new beginning.
May 17th-19th, 2019 I am taking part in OWSCyCON 2019, an event for authors
and readers alike. A three day weekend filled with Books, networking, live panels,
and games, all geared towards indie authors, and readers from across the globe.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been given the opportunity, to not only assist
in building the website, but also be part of its creation. Restructuring the genres,
coming up with new ideas, and helping design an online platform for all to enjoy.
For the second year in a row, I have decided to also take the helm, and be the Historical Fiction genre manager, and I am super stoked this year for the events, and ideas i have planned for our genre to be fun, innovative, and interesting, leaving our mark for readers to enjoy our content, and share it abroad.

Its happening all online……….

Everything will be an online (Cyber Convention), from the OWS Cycon portal, it will lead you to a dimension of fantasy, to thriller and suspense, and back again.

Join me if you are an author, and you are interested in having the time of your life
for three consecutive days, all geared for marketing, selling and sharing your work.
You are welcome to board the ship, under my command, and take the helm, into
another dimension, unknown to the outside world. You will come in contact with some ferocious beasts, be swept off your feet with the lover of your dreams, and cry from some of the most touching poetry ever written in this new millennia.

From there you may help solve the worst of crimes, or be attacked by an axe murdering psychopath, or be drawn into the deepest mystery known to all of
mankind. Regardless of your taste, we together as authors, will embark into
a journey much bigger than before, even better than we’ve ever imagined,
all in one weekend, in the cloud of the internet.

I hope to see you there, lingering in the comments of a live broadcast, or clicking through a blog, and maybe by the end of the weekend, be thumbing through
a brand new copy of one of my books.

Dear Reader,

OWS CyCon is for you too, I mean that is the whole reason we are hosting such an event! Right? For readers to find new books to read from some of the finest independent authors worldwide. Oh, and do we have things planned for you, Story time, Live video panels so you can see the authors, ask them questions, the list is huge. Blog hops for you to read a snippet on a novel, or short story, and bounce to other blogs to read about another author. Then check out the cover wars, vote on your favorite cover art, in a competition. May the finest cover win. That is only the beginning to some events available at OWS CyCon this year, with more ideas flooding in everyday.

For three days, you get to fight orcs, and warlocks, infatuate about vampires, or kill them if that is your fancy. Leap into an adventure in historical fiction, or a love so crazy in romance, to a crime fighting detective in mystery. But don’t stop there, because there is always something that goes bump in the night over in Horror, with Anita’s crew, and to finish it with the power of poetry, and the passion behind the expressions of rhyme, that will leave you cringing, crying, happy, sad, and excited all in just a few phrases.

OWS CyCon wants you to have a lot of fun and read about authors you like to follow and subscribe too. I can’t wait to see you all, while I am there.

Check us out on OWS CyCon

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