Switching Some Gears

Written by @RWhiteAuthor


Over the past decade, I have been self-publishing my work and sharing it here. I would have never been able to do this without the constant research and learning about becoming an author, what it takes, and implementing the things that I have learned on my platform. Most of the things I have learned, I did the hard way. I pioneered myself into an industry I knew nothing about. I started with very little knowledge of this adventure I took. However, over the past ten years, I can write, format, and publish my books, build websites to share my work, and earn a subscribers list to my content. I have missed making my list bigger and have not done a lot that I once wanted to. It has come to my senses that I do more with helping authors than I do writing, well because I love to it is that simple. I Have decided to make some changes and spin some things into new yarn. With Speaking To My Depression being my last poetry book for a while, I have decided to create many different changes. First, this home will become the location that I serve the writing community, offering advice to things I have somewhat mastered or learned over this decade. Secondly, I plan to utilize this space for my non-fiction platform, where you will find books dedicated to writing advice and teaching authors how to build a successful platform. Third and lastly, this platform will also be where I incorporate my future. As many of you know, I have begun my journey to build a publishing, design, and editing agency for a new career. These are businesses I will be making over the course of the next 3-4 years as I obtain my degree at SNHU in English and Creative Writing. You will see some integrations between each of those business ventures and the annual Literature Convention I created LitCon.


Don’t give up on me just yet. My fiction writing is not over; I have a plan for that and will make that announcement when the time is right. With my name being so common, I have chosen to place my fiction under a new and fresh pen name (Pseudonym) to keep the work here separate from my fiction and give my fiction the platform it deserves and not lose it in the shuffle on google search results. I currently have a poll taking place at my reader’s group on Facebook, that I gladly invite you to join and vote for my new name as I have left it up to my readers.


 Alongside my new venture here on my blog titled Writing Advice Unscripted, I invite other authors to share their advice with my followers as a guest post. The more advice we can share with new writers and authors to help them succeed will leave a mark that will never be forgotten. I look forward to meeting new authors and collaborating with them over the next decade of my journey as a writer.


Writing Tip of the day: It all starts when the ink touches the page.

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