Wander Through Fiction

By Richard White ~ @RWhiteAuthor

What does wander through fiction to find the truth mean? Its a simple question, and many either don’t know how to answer it, or don’t know the answer.

The truth of the matter is, fiction is closer to reality than what encompasses us on a daily basis.

We mislead ourselves from confronting the uneasiness of our anxiety, depression, and betrayal (just to give examples).

The art of fiction can bring those emotions up front, driving us to confront them and manage reality. Story telling enables us to live once more. Therefore, we take the truth, and blend it into a fictional reality, creating a story from the truth, (our feelings) and pasting them on a canvas for all the world to see.

why the darkness?

Someone once told me, my writing is dark, and even scary. The reason is, I write what I know. For a long time in my life, I saw darkness, and depression. I even still deal with the anxiety, and stress every day, to where it drives me to migraines.

Writing those feelings on paper, not only helps me deal with the headaches, it helps me overcome them. We need stories of darkness, to hide the beauty and joy in our lives, just so we can appreciate the beauty as we approach it.

Finding our weakness is the only way we can find our true self, and love the good with the bad.

In each one of us there are two wolves, which one will you feed, good or evil. They both have to eat. It’s better to feed that good one a little more than the other, but if we don’t feed evil,  evil can turn on us, and destroy us.

I write about my darkness in such a manner, that I will one day lift myself from the darkness, for out of the ashes rises the phoenix, they say.

You can join me, tell your story, we all have one. we all have that one time of defeat, and remorse. Or maybe you regret something so severe. Regardless, you can wander through fiction with me to find your truth, and tell your story, as you read mine.

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