Wandering Through My Depression

By Richard White ~ @RWhiteAuthor

I wander through my depression,
like its a terrible obsession.

sitting on a park bench like a ghost,
passing the time with a NY Post.

Staring into nowhere, with blank expression.
Emptiness has become my profession.

I guess I will lean up against this light post,
and wonder what it would be like, if I wasn’t diagnosed.



A Fighting Chance

Posted by Richard White/@RWhiteAuthor

This is my new home, and totally under construction. However, it is my journey into the realm of sharing my fight to defeat PTSD. I have a fighting chance and will dig as deep as I can go to get there. join me each week as I share my journey. Thanks Ritchie


This is a book of wonderful poems, some touch your heart extra special. I feel we as humans all go through a depression at one time or another and sometimes the best kind of help is finding people who have been through it already! A real connection. Page 90 is one of my favorites! ~Kim Kinash

I’m not usually one who reads very much poetry, but this particular book had me turning page after page after page. These poems are generally quite short, but very hard hitting. It takes you, the reader through a gamut of feelings that are sometimes hard to describe or express. Be warned, it is dark, but I truly did love reading through it. I hope that you will too. ~Mike Feria

Richard takes the reader through the maze inside him, where shadows
speak and darkness suffocates. ~ Vicki Foust

Shattered Glass is a guide to utilizing depression as
an opportunity for spiritual growth, and personal
acceptance, and includes personal accounts and
well written poems.

Richard White

Richard White is a pioneer in the self-publishing world. From day one he has taught himself how to do it all. From book covers to marketing, he takes on the role of author, publicist, graphic artist and publisher.

He is a current student at SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) for his BA in Creative Writing in English.

As a personal development life coach, he coaches his clients on becoming a better version of themselves as they pursue their dreams.

He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Perth, NY. Where he mows lawns in the summer and writes during the winter. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. His other passion is being a firefighter and EMT in his community.

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