We were asked this year what inspires us to write, what are my true life inspirations? That is a very good question, I have so many inspirations, so many ideas that flow through my body it is tough to choose one specific one. I will begin however with discussing my mini memoir, in What Happened To Me, I tell a bit of my story. After being in the service, and dealing with the PTSD, I chose to medicate it with my own kind of therapy, writing, building websites, and graphic design. when I am am in deep thought of a new story I am writing, building my websites, or designing a new book cover, it is therapeutic to me, it takes my mind off of the anxiety and depression that goes with my diagnosis.  So to answer the question what inspires me to write, is the basic need to clear my thoughts.

to conclude the answer to true life inspiration is…

Writing is my therapy, and medication, it helps me deal with the pain, the anger, isolation, and fear. I channel my energy into my writing, barely researching them. Mostly thoughts come out of my head and I just write them down, and create something. Sometimes there are to many thoughts, but I deal with them as best as I can. I can’t stand the world we live in. I have hated it since I saw the war in Iraq, so my books are a world, I can retreat to whenever, I need to get away from people. I don’t need a crowd, when I have conversations between characters in my head all day.

I try to create stories that people will enjoy, with plenty of action, and make you feel like you are standing right next to them, because when I close my eyes, that is what I see. Myself standing next to my characters, or being that character. that is pretty much my story in a nutshell.


To Read What Happened To Me it is available here.


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