In Memorial (Awareness for Substance Abuse and Depression)

Written by @RWhiteAuthor

Good Morning on this, beautiful Sunday morning. I have had a rough week. I was notified that once again another classmate of mine lost their life to her demons; We have lost so many, that when I wake up each morning, I am in disbelief. It pains me to see my friends struggle. I fight the depression, with my writing, my work, and other hobbies. I wish i could show people how to use my toolbox, and just overcome the heartfelt sadness, the heartbreak, and all the feelings they want to hide.

Because of this week’s sudden news, I have decided to add, a memorial to my upcoming book Shattered Glass.

A book of poetry, that discusses my fight with the darkness, and the demons. I hope that when people read my poetry they can relate to the darkness. The thing is overcoming the darkness, if you can learn that trait, and find the light, with any compass you can find, it’s not that bad of a walk back into the light.


So from here going forward, as I finish this book, I will add a snippet in the beginning that dedicates this book to the classmates we have lost from Mill River Union High School. I am reaching out to families to ask their permission, So far I have one answer back, and am so honored to add Jordan Bemis to the pages of Shattered Glass, and am looking to reach out and gain more names. If I don’t get in touch with someone, we will still honor those that are nameless.

For those that are still here, amongst the living, we have to make this all stop. It begins with us, we must make a promise to each other, if we need help get it, if we are down, call someone. The one thing I learned from Mill River, we were all so close; we are like family, and we need to be there for one another. Sure we have our lives too, and sometimes, things are not great, but someone, somewhere is a lot worse, than us, and they need us. It intervention time, you got my back, I’ll get yours. like I said it starts with us making a promise, that we need not turn to Substance abuse, or mutilation, or alcohol. When times are down we need a friend, lets make that promise and call those friends.


I Richard White promise to call, text or message someone when I need intervention.I will not harm myself, or use mind altering substances to believe they work in hiding the pain. as I already know it doesn’t hide it, it just makes it worse.

Make this Promise MRUHS, Make this Promise everyone, you can beat the demons, you can install a light bulb in the darkness, and you can walk out of hell. I promise you that. your true friend Richard White.

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