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Posted by Richard White/@RwhiteAuthor

I am writing the first ever fictional novel based on September 11, 2001. The day we will always remember, has been in the limelight of conspiracies since that very fateful and tragic afternoon. In the Gemini Project I write one soldiers life, and how the CIA, FBI, Government, and Iran was behind the attacks. Ian Fisher a CIA operative and Special activities unit in the Us Army learns that the CIA killed his wife, who died in the south tower. He will stop at nothing to find the truth, no matter what it costs him.

I released the Concept Cover yesterday, and I am rather happy with it for a simple image that I created myself here is a sneak peek at it, you be the judge.


I also was able to get a few other things completed this week on smashwords, so I decided to make three of my books on sale for purchase, so for a few weeks Pages Full of Memories, What Happened To Me and Letters From The Grave are all on sale. Pretty cool right.

I decided to start formatting eBooks for other authors as well, and hope to make it a full time job, so if any authors need eBook formatting,  I can format for smashwords, and get it passed the autovettor, and make your title a stunning book to read on an electronic device. You can contact me here on my website personally for this feature, or Order now, and we can get started right away.

Well that is my update for the week, I will be thinking about what I want to share on my blog, taking a curve on the road less traveled, I’m not sure where I want my blog to go, just yet. I will thanks for stopping by.

Please feel free to critic the book cover and leave some comments, until next time.

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