What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Posted by Richard White/@shotgunborivers

This past weekend I spent my time on panels with several authors and wow; what a trip, meeting people from different walks of life. Writing was only the beginning, it was so energetic, that I am undecided on my favorite part. I would like to begin with the live Youtube panels with Go Indie Now’s Joe Compton. Each panel was subject oriented, or just a hangout for authors to converse, share information and guide each other into the journey of becoming great authors, I loved it. The Batman Vs. Ironman panel was epic, in which we will debate again, for next years convention, so  prepare yourself, “I’m Batman” is not over Angela, I promise.

Many other events took place across many forms of social media such as; Subject panels, cover wars, character duels, blog hops, author showcases, the list is endless, with more to  add for next year.

With all the events I took part in, I have to say the face to face live video chats were my favorite. I learned so much as a new author, and will take every piece of information I consumed, and use it in my current and new releases. I gained some specific writing tools from each author, I had contact with, and will never forget it. The discussions even helped me spark a new series with a panel I visited today, we will have to see…..

To give back to them and other authors like them, I am announcing today, I will begin a new Independent Author program on my radio station. Yes that is right a radio program dedicated to Indie authors across all platforms, and genres, with our first episode to air on April 22nd. Our first guest is amazing, and you will not want to miss the first show, so be listening for Authors Write Aloud. I will host interviews and share other indie authors, as we all wander down the road less traveled, to promote or writing, books, and blogs. If it is anything like Brain to Books Cyber Convention, you will love Authors Write Aloud. Follow my blog for information about each upcoming interview.

If you want to experience the events I took part in, and view other authors work, visit B2BCYCON.
You may just find the next saga you are looking for. Wish you all a great week, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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